Singles League

We have a singles league open to all who love to play singles or improve their singles game. With multiple divisions, ladder style format and open challenge concept, this league is a fun and competitive way to see how you match up against other members of the club and climb up the rankings.

It’s not too late to join! If you want to sign up or have any questions, please contact the singles league coordinator .

Break Down

Entry Fee $5.00 ( Free for All Inclusive Members)
Sign Up Deadline
July 2nd. (Must be paid by this date to qualify for playoffs, payable to coordinator [Tony Lam] or registrar [Nelida Santos)]
Schedule Regular Season: May 8 – August 27
Playoffs: September 23/24
Ranking Initial ranking determined by ranking determined by skill level and coordinator’s discretion based on previous season’s results.
Divisions Division 1 (Intermediate – Advanced)
Division 2 (Beginner – Intermediate)
Rewards Cash Rewards (value to be determined)

  • Division 1 Main Draw Winner
  • Division 1 Main Draw Finalist
  • Division 1 Consolation Draw Winner
  • Division 2 Main Draw Winner
  • Division 2 Main Draw Finalist
  • Division 2 Consolation Draw Winner

Gift draw for league contenders

Regular Season

May 8 – August 27

The league an open challenge concept. There are two divisions consisting of players of the appropriate level. Players can challenge anyone within their division but may only play the same person twice.There is no minimum game requirement to join, but it is encourage that players at least play one match a week (four per month, totaling sixteen throughout the season).


Players arrange matches among themselves. Each player is to bring new can of balls, the loser takes home the used balls, the winner keeps the new can.

Report results or any disputes immediately to the coordinator, .


    • First to 8 games with a 2 game deficit
    • Tiebreaker at 8-all
    • Standard tennis scoring. Dueces are played out.
    • Standard tennis scoring. First to 7 with a 2 point deficit

Points & Ranking

  • Win: 10pts
  • Loss: 2pts
  • Bonus: extra points could be gained by beating higher ranked opponents. Winning against a higher ranked opponent yields the win plus the difference in ranking. Example: if #14 defeats #3, #14 gains the win (10pts) and the difference in rank (11pts) for a total of 21pts.
  • Monthly tally will be provided
  • Top 8 of each devision will make play offs

Play Off

September 23 (Rain date September 24)

The top 8 players at the end of regular season from each division will make the play offs. If any of the players cannot make it, the next available player will fill in the vacancies.


    • Single elimination draw with consolation
    • First round loss will go to a consolation draw
    • Seeding will determine match ups
    • First round will be played as a ONE SET match
      • First to 6 games with a 2 game deficit
      • Tiebreaker at 6-all
    • Second round will be played as a PRO SET match
      • First to 8 games with a 2 game deficit
      • Tiebreaker at 8-all
    • Final round will be played as a SET 10 match.
      • First to 10 games with a 2 game deficit
      • Tiebreaker at 10-all
    • GAME SCORING: Standard tennis scoring, deuces are played out.
    • TIE BREAKER: Standard tennis scorring, first to 7 points with a 2 point deficit.


Play offs will be played on September 23. Order of play and details will be announced closer to the date.