Seven Oaks is a members-only club. A membership at Seven Oaks Tennis Club will give you access to the courts during club hours all season long. As a member, you will also be able to participate in various programs, activities, and events at the club.

Please ensure that you have your member’s shoe tag on you at all times. No tag, no play.

How To Register

  1. Download, print, and fill out the registration form.
  2. Mail the form with payment* to our registrar:
    Grace Hermosa
    64 Dundalk Drive
    Toronto, ON
    M1P 4T7
  3. You will receive a shoe tag shortly after your registration and payment is received, via the mail or in person.

* We accept cash or cheques addressed to: Seven Oaks Tennis Club


Adult $85
Adult – All Inclusive
Price includes all internal programs (House and Singles League) and all entry + food at all social events throughout the season (Victoria Day, Breakfast, Canada Day, Corn Roast).
Under 18 years old
Under 16 years old
New Member
Have not been a member of Seven Oaks for more than 5 years
65 and older
Two adults and unlimited juniors

Some optional programs have additional fees to join.

House League $5
Singles League $5
STF League* TBA

*STF fees will be collected by the captains at the start of the first STF match.